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Prayer for Peace Project


Inspiration for Prayer for Peace Sculpture

As the events of 9-11 unfolded around us, hope seemed lost. Blame and fear were growing as fingers pointed at those that the media had painted as our enemy. We were being divided by color, race and religion.

As I sat in silence, stunned by the new reality shaping our world, I was shown a vision that expanded my heart with hope for the future. This vision came to me fully formed in answer to my question “How may I serve”?

I immediately saw two hands of different color uniting in prayer. A heart opened up while being suspended from the top of the hands and two doves took flight from the center of the heart. Symbolically, as we open our hearts, the doves will carry the love and peace that reside within us out into the world.

I believe that I was being guided to create a sculpture that would inspire the expansion of peace consciousness. As the vision continued I saw this sculpture being placed in public spaces frequented by many such as peace parks, public gardens and churches.

The Prayer for Peace vision is a clear manifestation of all people coming together~joined by our hands~connected by our hearts~united in our desire for Peace.

This collaboration enables us to create a new culture of peace through collective participation. I am committed to do whatever I can to support interested communities, groups, organizations or individuals to acquire this sculpture for public display.