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Women of Peace Project

~Women Forging Peace through Partnership~

Women are a powerful force for peace. They are adept at mobilizing diverse groups for a common cause. They often work across ethnic, religious, political, and cultural divides to promote peace. Laying aside their differences and forging partnerships within their communities, countries & the world.

Women of Peace is a multi-media project inspired to honor the women that have committed their lives to work for Peace, Justice and Equality .

The foundation of this project is built around the creation of a Women of Peace sculpture. Sculptor Terrie Bennett will take Life casts of the hands of Women Peace Leaders . These hands will be cast in bronze and connected together hand in hand…creating a circle of oneness, solidarity and partnership. Each hand in this circle of Peace Women will tell a story which we will document through an interview/filming process and photographs.

Through the media of film we will amplify the vital & inspiring voices of these women…sharing their wisdom through their stories and igniting our own call to action and the many ways in which we can both support and join them to create more peace in the world.

The vision for this project is to :

–Create the sculpture

–Create a video/documentary of the individual & collective stories of Global Peace Women & the creation of the sculpture

–Create a coffee table book with photographs & stories of The Women of Peace and the creation of the sculpture.

–After completion of the above we will create an art/book tour showcasing the sculpture, documentary & book.

The final goal is to create a public sculpture monument to honor the Peace work by women.  The location for the installation of the sculpture will be determined by the city that purchases it when it is complete. The main criteria for the city is that it is declared as a City of Peace and that it be installed in a public space accessible to all. All proceeds for the sale of this sculpture will be donated to projects that benefit peace work by women.

Join us as we embark on a journey of exploring the world to discover who these Women of Peace are and the many ways they are working together & forging partnerships to create a new culture of peace.

* Fact~ Of the 5,193 public outdoor sculptures of individuals in the United States, only 394, or less than 8 percent, are of women, compared with 4,799 of men, according to the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Art Inventories Catalog, considered the most up-to-date catalogue of such works. And none of the 44 national memorials managed by the National Park Service (such as the Lincoln Memorial) specifically focuses on women and their accomplishments, writes art historian Erika Doss in her book “Memorial Mania.”